PhotoAlbum provides multiple conveniences for the users for managing and checking the photo albums on iPhone.

Try using the various functions, such as the monthly view, the calendar view, and the function for categorizing the album into small groups.

Start Guide

There are three types of screen settings.
The album screen setting displays the album list of photographs on your iPhone.
The screen moves to the calendar view when scrolled to the left.
The screen moves to the monthly view when scrolled to the right.

You are able to easily check when the photograph was taken because they are sorted in groups by recent date.

You can add a new album. You can select the icons and colors when creating a new album.

Select the edit button, drag and drop one or more photographs to the album that you wish you add to.

You can add subalbum inside the album.
If you choose album in the left tab and click again, you can select options of album.

When you name the subalbum and save it, you can add it inside album as you see below.

Limited Functions

The following functions are restricted by Apple Inc.
    - Deleting photographs
    - Renaming the album’s name
    - Deleting albums

The functions above cannot be provided because they are functions that haven’t yet been made public for third-party companies.
Please use the basic application ‘Photos’ on your iPhone.
We’ll be adding this function right away when Apple Inc. makes the function available in the future.


We are constantly looking to improve PhotoAlbum.
Please send us your comments, suggestions, and feedback to